Wall Painting Service in Kolkata

Wall art is crucial in interior design. The right wall art helps create a focal point, and they can successfully draw visitors' attention. Are you looking for Wall Painting Services in Kolkata? Well, at Book My interior designer, we can help you find painting artists in Kolkata at affordable pricing. Let's learn more about the different types of wall arts:

Abstract: Artists will paint colors, shapes, forms, and gestural marks in abstract wall art. Abstract wall art can be just a stroke of paint or a random splash. Abstract artworks have gained popularity off late as the viewers can assign their meaning to the piece. Hire our experts from Book My interior designer to curate impeccable wall arts that will create a mesmerizing visual effect

Impressionist: Impressionist is another popular type of wall art where the artists focus on storytelling. Through the exact representation of color and tone, his type of wall art can be visually pleasing and help you with a classy décor.

Pop art: Pop art emerged in the mid-1950s. In modern days pop arts are increasingly utilized for wall painting. By creating strong imagery of popular culture and mass media, pop arts can transform the look of your entire house.

Cubism: Cubism wall art consists of three main ingredients – Geometrical shapes, simultaneity (multiple views) and passage. Cubism wall art has become a hot favorite of every 21st century home seeker as they feature vibrant colors and random shapes.

Fantasy: Fantasy wall arts take their origin origins in folk art. The fantasy wall arts can help the viewers escape into magical and mythical lands. It may be an excellent idea to have fantasy wall art in the bedrooms, as these wall arts can create a sense of whimsy and romance in a master bedroom. If you have fantasy wall art in a child's bedroom, it can act as a work of wonder. Checkout our Marble Polishing Service in Kolkata.

Experience the magical wilderness of our fantasy wall art designs at Book My interior designer. Our painting artists in Kolkata will help you with whimsical wall arts to boost your mood and transform your home into a mesmerizing haven.